Daily Themed Crossword Puzzle App Reviews

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Daily crossword

Way to easy! I solve them in a matter of minutes. Need new words.

Simple, entertaining

Good way to pass the time. Not too challenging. Ads and coins are annoying, but it’s free so no big deal.

Ads are your reward for solving the puzzle

I love the puzzles but having to watch an entire ad after successfully completing a puzzle is not my idea of a treat!!


Love the puzzles but way to many ads!!! Frustrating!!!


I'm not going to play more than one puzzle a day.

Best crossword puzzle

I have downloaded several crossword puzzles before but this one is the best I’ve come across. Good for the brain. And several puzzles to do. There are a couple ads that take way too long to play, but guess you can pay to get rid of ads.


Easy to challenging.

Many of the same

Outdoor be 5 state if each puzzle did not have the same answers in them even though each puzzle is supposed to be a different subject.

Could be more enjoyable....

If I didn’t have to worry about ads popping up every few seconds while in the middle of a puzzle. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for ads, but the game would be more enjoyable if you saved them for when the puzzle was completed.


I’m with the others..wish there was easier ways to earn coins rather than buying them. But do enjoy your puzzles


Puzzles are very easy, usually finished in a few minutes. Not worth paying for.

Always using the same clues

This crossword consistently uses the same clues. Oil, Leo, Spa, Oreo, Ode, Inn.. it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to play. It’s not a challenge at all. Very repetitive.

Daily puzzles req too many tokens

Overall, app is ok. Needs to offer more quests/ways to earn tokens. Stars accumulate but convert to nothing; doesn’t make sense. Packs are fun but some cost tokens. Puzzle difficulty is intermediate. After completing a puzzle, usually have to watch long ad w no skip function and no reward for watching. Extensive archive of past puzzles.

Fun but problems

Very irritating when ads pop up in middle of playing. Freezes or takes a while for letters to come up. Recently the wrong letter option in setting mysteriously was checked so I wasted all my coins before finding the problem. Some answers dont always make sense or are incorrect to begin with. But in general an ok game to kill some time.

Not as themed as I had hoped

When playing I expected almost all the words to fit the theme, but for a full page there is on average only 2-5 words out of 50+ that actually fit that category. The rest are random and make no sense. I only played 5 puzzles and then deleted the app because it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. I love cross word puzzles but I downloaded this one because I thought it was “themed”.


love this app


Keeps me occupied and my mind going love it

Zero stars

Made the mistake of paying money for coins and they took my money out of my account and refused to respond to me and refused to give me the coins are purchased I do not like this game and if I could report it and have it removed as an app I would


Enjoy playing and appreciate an opportunity to view a product for points.

Daily cross words

This is so awesome I love it...


Fun game that you won’t be able to put down.

It’s so entertaining

I had not played this type of puzzle but I’m hooked

Great game

Love that it is such a nice place to decompress and just solve puzzles

Not worth it

I was incredibly disappointed by the amount of ads. I understand a free game needs to generate revenue but an ad pops up at least once during every game and then your required to watch a 30 second ad when you finish the game. Incredibly frustrating.

Ads galore

The puzzles are ok but there are too many ads. I usually buy something to make them go away but no choice here. I will probably not stick with it too much longer.

Fun when not being cheated

I have come across some problems lately that have caused me to be really suspicious, first I thought that just maybe I was over reacting to the puzzles not closing out when I was finished with them. It says your almost there, but then I was rechecking all my answers and nothing was wrong with them. So I took pictures of my answers, then I paid the coins and took pictures again. Wells, guess what the puzzle was exactly the same no changes at all.. NONE. So this has me very upset and frustrated. Not to mention angry because it’s taking my money to finish out my puzzles in a timely manner.


Love doing these because they aren’t so difficult! I use to get frustrated doing crossword puzzles because they were complicated. Great app.!


I am not a fan for crosswords, this app has helped me to figure them out. Love the themes

Daily Themed Crosswords

Fun and challenging!

Enjoyable and helps with my memory

It’s a pretty good game but I don’t that when my answer is wrong the tile(s) do not turn to red. Earning coins is not easy.

Get rid of the ads!!!

The puzzles are great, but isn’t an ad-free version available? I would pay for it if it was an option. But the amount of ads and the way they’re placed randomly while you’re playing made me delete the app altogether. So frustrating.


This game is great mind bending enjoy very much good fun


The ads are annoying and pop up during the game and random moments. They freeze and you can’t get back to the game. If I mute the game and don’t want to hear sounds from the game the ads should be muted as well. The content of the puzzles is really good. And there are a good variety of topics covered.

Love it

I really enjoy the puzzles but wish it didn't cost 20 coins to see wrong ones when watching a video gives you so few coins.

Love it

Quick and easy. Fun and short but challenging

Good however

I would’ve given it 5 stars if only you didn’t have to use your “coins” to do past puzzles you couldn’t do. For instance you may not have had time to do the day befores so you have to use your coins.

A must have app for puzzle lovers

I enjoy crossword puzzles but not having to carry a puzzle book around. This app is perfect. A daily puzzle with a different theme everyday. It’s perfect as most can be completed within 5-10 minutes. If you like puzzles this is a must have


Probably on of the most fun games to play online.

Ads are a pain

I don't mind watching ads, but these ones are difficult to close when they finish. And just closing them ALWAYS takes you to the App Store. Ugggh very tedious.

Easy puzzles

As someone who does puzzles daily, these are pretty easy. I’ve yet to find a “stumper”. NY Times puzzles it isn’t. An ok way to pass time.

Fun but there are still bugs

I just updated the app. I am wondering why when I’ve turned on the “always show errors” in settings, I still have to click “show errors for 20 coins” during the game. I run out of coins by doing that! Why have the “always show errors” when you still have to spend coins to see the errors?

Misspellings in clues

Seriously?! A mani-pedi is a service you get in a SALOON? Who writes this stuff. I’m a teacher, the game is an insult. Hire an editor.


Some of the puzzles are really challenging! Keeps my brain sharp.


Fun and Challenging. Keeps you coming back!!!!

Puzzles are great

Puzzles are great and I don’t miss one.

Love the game!

Thought provoking! Enjoying tremendously.

Great fun

Some issues but for free games I find it very good fun.

Would be way better if there were less ads, or an ad free option

I literally only play this game so I can get my fix of crosswords and this is the only one that’s straightforward and appealing with ranging sizes of puzzles. I absolutely hate the ad frequency though: once after every puzzle I’ll deal with, sure, but ads literally while in the middle of one? I want to give this app 5 stars but the ad frequency is so bad that it hinders my enjoyment just that much. I spend half my time watching and staring at ads more than I do playing the actual puzzles.

No challenge

Clues are not difficult. Puzzles rely too heavily on 2 or 3 letter words.

I like this app but...

I like it but some of the questions didn’t make any sense and I came to a question that stated “Teenage Mutant _____ Turtles” And it said the answer was NERGA. I mean come on if your going to have a crossword app you should be able to spell. But other than that everything was fine.

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