Daily Themed Crossword Puzzle App Reviews

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Free coins tokens - lousy

07-20-18 Still agree with my original post! I can buy crosswords books if in line puzzles for $2.99 - so I only use free coins which are few and far between. Read all reviews! Sorry but having to come back every 2 hours for a very FEW coins token is lousy. Also agree with others about their issues.

Everyday fun!

Love to play this every day

Clicking an old puzzle and hitting cancel eats 20 coins

Accidentally opening a previous puzzle and hitting cancel costs 20 coins

Ok, but...

Free access to past puzzles would be nice.

Love / Hate Relationship

I really love this crossword game - super fun and I could play it for hours. What I don’t like is that it forces you to watch videos or sit on a website for a specified period of time between each and every game. I wish there was an option to pay to remove ads. I also think the in app purchases get a little spendy.


This game is filled with fun and excitement. I learn from the clues

Fun fast

Except for tv and stupid movie stars? Names it fun and fast!


I usually dislike crosswords but this one is doable and I enjoy doing it. I agree with other reviewers, when the puzzle is completed, allow for time to review then manually move on instead of having to go to the calendar to review the puzzle.

Great app

I love this crossword app. I play this game almost every day. My friends like like it, also. But, it does seem slow at times, and some typos. And, should be other ways to earn coins.

would be more fun with no typos

I love this game and can easily spend hours playing, but it would be nice if all the correct answers were...spelled correctly. The typos will leave you with a completed puzzle that still says you have wrong letters.


Enjoyable when the clues are original and the videos give you the coins you watched them for.

Could be better

I buy coins when I can, but I can’t always afford to and they are too hard to earn. I HATE that ads keep poppping up when you’re in the middle of trying to solve them. 😖

Would be great - BUT..

I love crosswords - and these ones are really fun. The trouble is that I burn through too many too fast apparently. They make it impossible to get coins (which are REQUIRED to play a new puzzle). You can watch 2 videos every 2 hours which earns you 10 coins. To buy more coins - the LEAST you can spend is $2.99. That’s insane. For $2.99 I could buy a book of 10,000 crosswords. There have to be better, cheaper crossword games avail for download. I’m deleting this bc it’s nothing but an annoyance for me when I jump on to kill 10 mins & they tell me I have an hour & a half left to wait before I can WATCH VIDEOS to earn MAYBE enough coins to play ONE more game.

Fun game but don’t do offers

Fun game. I would just not waste time completing and offer that includes downloading a game and getting so far. I did so and went back to claim my coins (close to 1000 and took a week to do) and that app offer was no where to be found.

Unusual Cross Game

....this is a thinking person’s game, the answers are not what would normally first come to mind but that’s what make this game fun and challenging!


Pretty good, but some of the “clues” are kind of ridiculous. Like having to figure out that the answer for “Got you!” is aha.


Next day puzzle comes out too early. I go to play daily and the next day is already out. Should be after 9 pm.


They are hot

Awesome Game

great game

Don’t waste your money

Broken app. Don’t buy coins with real money. They randomly disappear. On top of that, full of bugs and typos. And some clues are straight up wrong.

Not sure about this one.

Keeps taking my coins. When I leave the app and return to it I’ve lost money. The Q and A tells why this is happening but not how you can fix this.

Fun Game but....

Look, it is fun, it is addicting, however, it is designed so that if you want to play more than the daily single game, you will eventually have to buy coins. Ruins the game when you can’t enjoy continuous play without spending money. Just another greedy app.

Not quite 5

Mostly a fun and challenging game. However, sometimes the answer doesn’t fit the clue, and other times there is no such word! When I’m stumped I check two different dictionaries and can’t find them. Nope, not there.


Fun puzzles.


Clues are good, but would like opportunities for help occasionally. There is a system of collecting coins to buy help, but you automatically lose coins each day, and buying any help is expensive..... essentially you will not have coins unless your devoting hours of play, or you purchase them..... I’m willing to do neither

Free coins

Do not attempt to receive free coins a 4th time because 1) you won’t get them and 2) goes back to the game with “show wrong” on and deletes 20 of the free coins you just received. Makes me very unhappy😠

Good but the earn coins iffy

I enjoy the app but I am frugal and will watch vids for more game play, I would buy the app for free play.


I'm tired of answering a clue, then answering another clue which crosses through the first one and the a letter moves or gets erased! No other game does this. It's stupid. Secondly, I know you need to make money on ads but my gosh, right in the movie middle of a game. And not once, two or three times. Your puzzles are fun but it gets disgusting with all of the above!


Keeps me entertained!

Good game

I just got this game and so far no problems. Somewhat easy to solve. Don’t like getting stuck on words.

Love this game

I look forward to playing each day. There is a good balance of easy and hard clues. I wish I earned more coins per completed game because of the amount of time spent on the game.

Fun, challenging game

Like the daily themes, and the variety of puzzles. Very new to this; will see if there are glitches as time progresses.

Very fun

Love it, but wish you don’t have to use coins to see what you got wrong.



Ok this is how I see it

I love this game but at times I misspell words...and no I’m not stupid but some spellings are different... The fact I have to buy coins to be able to show the misspelled words is not right... I would love to play more often and tell my friends and family about this game but I simply cannot because I don’t think it’s fair...

Pretty good app

So far I’ve only used the free services so I don’t know what will happen when that runs out.


I personally don’t mind ads when the app is free. But when the ad is forcing sound out of my device (even while on mute) that is very upsetting. Please change the ads so that they don’t do that. Really annoying

Cool game but...

The font size for the clues is too small

Fun but too many ads

After every puzzle there’s an ad and it gets irritating .

Great app. Need to fix sound

I like everything about this app except one thing: you can’t use it while listening to music/podcasts. For some reason the app turns off all background audio while using it. Hoping the developers can fix this so I don’t have to choose between using the app and listening to podcasts during my commute (FYI podcasts are currently winning).


Way to easy for my tastes, but nice to pass the time. I'm hoping they'll get a bit more challenging as I get through them.

Fun way to pass time

I downloaded as a way to “get into” crosswords... I haven’t been disappointed. They are challenging enough to keep me interested, but not so bad as to make me give up in frustration. Plus if you get really stuck they have a website with answers to the clues to get you going again. :)

Not for children

The crossword game itself is ok. A few incorrectly worded clues (Darth Vader is not Luke Skywalker’s brother, for example), but otherwise fine. However, one of the ads that came during play was for an app that asked about solving tricky situations such as how to pick up a bar of dropped soap in the shower and showed what would happen if done incorrectly. So not really appropriate for 4+ as stated.

Good puzzles

Game is fun but the frequency and length of ads is annoying.

Great game and fun to play!

This game is really fun for me because I have insomnia so I tend to wake up a few times a night. I enjoy a couple of cross word puzzles and I have taken my mind off of the fact that I wasn’t sleepy. I lay down the IPad and lay back down and go right back to sleep. Great game. Not too easy and just hard enough to make you work for the answer.

Love to play, hate the issues!

Love the thought of a challenging daily crossword, but having today’s crossword, as well as all past calendars blocked out really puts a damper on game play. I’d love to be able to spend an hour or so a day catching up. I’ll see what happens as the game progresses.

Play this

Super addicting and fun!

Fun to play

No issues with the app Can be challenging but that is where all the fun is I love the mini packs ... you will get hooked on them

Black out

Love the app but every time I go to the calendar it’s in shadow and I can click on anything not a date or the home button, nothing.☹️

Game is fine. New ad is ruinous.

A new ad from a company called “Reviewed” requires multiple clicks to get through. Super super annoying.

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